Staff Survey: First time for everyone. Owen too.



It's that time of the year again and the quick-click nationwide NHS staff survey will have been dropping into email inboxes and departments (via the post room).


It's a random selection every year so you may never have taken part before. So this year could be your first -  as it is Owen's after four years at our Trust!


In this short video he really wants you - if given the opportunity - to share your views.


It doesn't take long (honest!) and covers all aspects of your work here at CHFT including team working, how you're managed, supported to be healthy and your verdict on working and receiving care here at CHFT. You'll be one of around 1,500 colleagues  invited to send back their views which are then collected and published next year. It's crucial and it's chance to make a difference.


click here for Owen's plea...