By 'eck, tha' wa' grand! Yorkshire Day celebrated and Scarecrows from the team on 7B.

Flat caps, white roses were worn and the flags were flying. A Yorkshire quiz was done by patients and families with Yorkshire pens as prizes.


We also held the Wars of the Cheeses and Teas (Lancashire v Yorkshire!) which patients, relatives and staff participated. Unfortunately, we lost the battle of the cheese, but we won the most important battle of the tea! We'll will do better next year...


Also, we are taking part again in the Norland Scarecrows Festival September 2nd 'til the 9th. Books is the theme and  Dracula will be our scarecrow. Photos will follow. 


Sister Andrea Moore, said: " Laughter, they say, is the best medicine, even though we weren't laughing when Lancashire won the Battle of the cheese! But we reckon that having good morale amongst us all makes for better teamwork and that has to mean better care for our patients."