Bev's magic rainbow over CRH

We’ve been having a real mixture of weather this past week.


This meant we got to see this beautiful rainbow over CRH, taken by Clerical Coordinator Beverley Noble (LDRP CRH).           


The photo can be seen skimming the beautiful countryside of Siddal.


Bev told how the magic moment came about. She said: "I was having my break and someone just commented on how bad the rain was, so we were all having a good moan about the 'great British weather' when I just looked out of the window and there it was! I couldn't get my phone out quick enough! i'm a bit of a geek with things like this, rainbows, full moons etc But I have to say, it was quite possibly the most beautiful rainbow i've ever seen! I'm always intrigued by Mother Nature I love her she's amazing! One of my colleagues said "the end of that rainbow looks like it could be in my garden!" she did confirm later that there wasn't a pot of gold in her garden when she got home! "


**We are well aware there's tons of photographic talent out there at CHFT. Send us your photos and we'll feature them all here in your fave e-bulletin.