The scores are did your area do in this year's Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment? (PLACE)

Our PLACE results have been published  - see the link of the full results below.'s a summary.

Cleanliness CRH 98.86%  HRI 99.8%

Food CRH 91.39% HRI 90.56%

Organisation food CRH 92.06% HRI 91.06%

Ward food CRH 91.115 HRI 90.41%

Privacy and dignity CRH 84.83% ( not sure why this score is lower) HRI 93.89%

Condition and appearance CRH 95.79% HRI 94.83%

Dementia CRH 75.15% HRI 84.37% ( this reflects some of the work needed for floors, colours, toilets etc )

Disability CRH 84.44% HRI 86.38%   ( as above)


Estates Matron Chris Bentley said "These scores reflect the hard work put in by everyone and are an improvement on last year". 


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