A reminder about Conflict of Interests and Standards of Business Conduct Policy

The Trust has a duty to remind all colleagues of the guidelines governing what has to be declared to keep us in line with financial and audit regulations. Where a declaration is needed it must be made to the Board secretary Kathy Bray.


You can read the full policy and see the appendices here. In the meantime here are the areas where declarations are required and how to do them.


  • Declaration of Gifts and Hospitality –Gifts or hospitality (of more than £20 value including meals and events etc) which might be construed as an attempt to influence where the Trust buys goods or services should be declared. Where no compromise is considered likely, all instances should be declared on Appendix A.
  • Commercial Sponsorship – In accepting commercial sponsorship, care should be given to ensure that this does not prejudice Trust arrangements for the purchase of supply of goods or services.  In all cases Directors must be informed of the level of sponsorship and the appropriate section within Appendix B completed.
  • Declaration of Business Interests – Staff must declare on Appendix C any instances where they, or a close relative or associate, has a significant financial interest in any business, activity or pursuit which might compete for a Trust contract for the supply of goods or services. 
  • Outside Employment (including Private Practice)  - Trust staff are required to obtain permission from their Director if they wish to engage in outside employment in addition to their work with the Trust.  It is essential that they advise their Director of any potential conflict of interest and this be recorded on Appendix C.
  • Use of Charitable Funds – The same standards as elsewhere must be applied. Misuse could be subject to legal action by the Charity Commission as well as under the Bribery Act 2010.  Any commitments made from individual designated funds is the responsibility of the designated fund manager. Guidance is available at http://nww.cht.nhs.uk/divisions/corporate/charitable-funds/


If you have any queries regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact Kathy Bray, Board Secretary on 01484 355933.