"We don't have War and Peace action plans. Just plans that do what they say on the tin." Post CQC analysis.

Our long awaited CQC report was published on Monday and around 300 colleagues attended special briefings on the day to hear all about it.


Overall our rating was “requires improvement” which puts us in line with all other trusts in West Yorkshire.  CHFT’s care and responsiveness came out as good and more than 70% of our services across the two hospitals and in community were rated as good (or green). The inspectors also describe some areas of our heath-care provision as outstanding.  


The briefings were delivered by CEO Owen Williams and Director of Nursing Brendan Brown and set out the main headlines from the report and what happens next.


Brendan has been through other CQC inspections at other Trusts and said none of them had had so many "good" ratings. We had 70%.  He also said he would be keeping in touch with local CQC inspectors to keep them updated as our improvements are achieved.


Now in his 10th week at the Trust, he said wanted action plans which weren't "War and Peace" and plans which did what they said on the tin. "A lot has already been done," he said. "We started five months ago whereas some Trusts wait for the report before they get going."


Although we are the same rating as other Trusts in West Yorkshire Brendan said our focus on patients has been highlighted by the CQC "and that is real credit to you."


Chairman Andrew Haigh told the Monday morning briefing at HRI the ratings were in line with our own assessments and supported the case for change. Many of the issues such as staffing could be sorted if the Commissioners decision about reconfiguration is taken later this year, he said.


Owen said that many of the things that need to done were not just about specific service areas or departments but were Trust-wide.


He told the evening briefing at HRI: "The CQC say we must improve and we respect that decision. When they come back we want to be able to demonstrate we have listened and moved on and we can help and support each other to do that. There are no areas where we can't improve. We are in this together and no individual area should be taking the weight of this on their shoulders."


He said the future looked very promising with electronic patient records (EPR) and reconfiguration being a real opportunity to transform the care we provide our patients.


"The best thing is that most people in this organisation get it. This organisation has listened and already moved on and is continuing to look to move on."


He thanked everyone. "You have done this organisation proud and through your ongoing commitment and hard work we will be able to influence our own destiny."


Owen added at the 1.30 briefing at HRI: "There is no better job that I have ever had - and that's down to you. You give 100% to local people and it's a great place to be part of".


If you have any further questions both Owen and Brendan would be happy to hear from you: Owen.Williams@cht.nhs.uk and Brendan.Brown@cht.nhs.uk


** The report is easier reading than you might expect and the overall tone is a positive one. There’s not enough space here to highlight all the information for all areas so click here and read on.