Matron Janette's on a mission for medical division. All their matrons will be trained flu fighters this year

We can't hold matron Janette Cockroft back as she leads the way in medicine, preparing for the winter flu campaign. She's making sure there are as many flu flighters as possible, increasing the numbers from 23 last year to 73.


And to top it off - all matrons in medicine will be flu fighters this year - which is a first.


Janette who oversees 6bc, CCU, ward 11 and 5b told CHFT Weekly: "With so many poorly, vulnerable and frail patients in our care, if we don't take the initiative this winter and have the vaccination, we could be carriers and not even know it."


Having the vaccine isn't just about the wellbeing of our patients. It's also about making sure colleagues and their families are protected too.


Janette added, "I'm taking this challenge on head-on and I hope my colleagues want to join me. It's about making sure as many people know about it, that we are able to bust some of the flu myths that people still cling to and having a strong army of flu fighters who are passionate about supporting the whole campaign."


We'll catch up with Janette later in the campaign.....go Janette!