Going through HOOPS - new tactics for care in our hospitals out of hours

Wonderwall aid to HOOP

Our HOOP (Hospital Out Of hours Programme) builds on the original plans for Hospital at Night. Phase 1 of HOOP starts later this year with the implementation of the task management system within Nervecentre.


This means after 5pm and at weekends and bank holidays a Clinical Coordinator will delegate clinical tasks either to themselves, a junior doctor or Clinical Support Worker.


A HOOP breakthrough event was held on Friday 5 August to build on this vision for all out of hours clinical and operational aspects of care.


Attended by colleagues from hospital and community nursing, consultants and junior doctors, the health informatics service, estates and hospital managers, the event proved to be successful in discussing and prioritising what needs to be done next.


Colleagues were allocated to groups for the discussions; Medical, Clinical Nursing & Outreach, Enables and Operational. They were asked to discuss what was working well out-of-hours as well as what needed to change. From this a ‘Wonderwall’ of post-its was created from the group’s thoughts about what they wanted to see happen across a number of areas including Workforce, Technology, Patient Flow and Safety & Experience.


From this each individual was asked about what actions were needed to begin to see these results come about, and then using some ‘voting stickers’ prioritised those they felt were most important. The session was ended by everyone committing to one action to support the future work of the Hospital Out Of hours Programme.


Dr Sal Uka said: “HOOP is our opportunity to ensure that our sickest patients receive timely compassionate care out of normal working hours that leads to improved patient outcomes and patient experience. We will need to look at all the suggestions from the breakthrough event and put this into a project plan to make this a reality. Thank you once again to all colleagues who attended.”




5 Weeks Until HOOP Goes Live!


CRH is now 5 weeks away from the launch of its HOOP (Hospital Out Of hours Programme) system! This is an electronic task management system for raising tasks needed by wards out of hours (5.00pm – 8.00pm Mon – Fri, and 24/7 at the weekend & bank holidays).


Wards will have a single point of contact for clinical tasks needed during these hours – our new team of Clinical Coordinators. Routine tasks can be raised using the simple web form, more urgent tasks can be phoned through. The coordinator will then asses and prioritise these and delegate them out to the doctors, ACPs, new Clinical Support Workers or attend to them themselves.


Training on the system starts next Monday 15th August. There will be a mixture of drop-in sessions and training on the wards. The HOOP team will visit the wards a few times each day in the same way the Nervecentre team did and offer training to colleagues. The drop-in sessions will be in the Training Room on ICU, 2.00pm – 4.00pm, 6.00pm – 8.00pm and 10.00 – Midnight. Training takes around 20 minutes and colleagues can ‘drop-in’ at any point during these times.


These training sessions are also a great opportunity to meet the team and find out more about the project! We look forward to seeing you!