Good Food guide ...from Lesley Hill, our Director of Planning, Performance, Estates and Facilities.

Jane and Adrian with her prize


I am delighted at how well CHFT promoted Nutrition and Hydration Week as  hospital food is always a talking point and something we must get right for our patients.

Ensuring our patients have a good choice  of tasty hot and cold meals to support their recovery is essential and we know it can make all the difference in how our patients  rate their care from us.  To keep up high standards we have our Estates and Facilities matron Chris Bentley who is the key link between the ward and the catering teams to ensure we  provide the best quality, service we can.

Chris will be heading up the next Members’ Forums talks next month – and everyone is welcome – to explain all the advances we have made (such as some lovely homemade soups I have tested from Adrian and the team) and other developments in the pipeline. Visit the website homepage for details on how to book on. 

Winning guess .......

Jane Armitage from Medical Illustration was the winner of catering's  box of vegetables - enough to make your own homemade soups.  She made the nearest guess of 7,000 gallons of soups made every year. The actual is 6,395 gallons.

She said: “I love soup, I often buy it at CRH , but Adrian’s was the best I have tasted, even better than my own, so I have got the recipes too”

I sign off with a big thankyou to everyone for their efforts for N&H Week.

Lesley Hill