Leading the way nationally. Jayne and Gill's paper on CHFT's antibiotics outreach service

Jayne, left and Gill


CHFT's trail blazing approach to delivering Intravenous antibiotics to our patients in their homes or closer to their homes has been hailed by a top professional journal.


Jayne Woodhead and Gill Davis presented the service at a National conference in London last year and, as a result, were invited to submit a paper for the Journal of Community Nursing (see attachments)


We have around 50 patients a week receiving their antibiotics through a line or cannula in a community setting. Some receive them up to three times a day, other receive daily doses for conditions such as cellulitis, tuberculosis, meningitis, brain abscesses and bone and joint infections. 


We have even been into offices and colleges to deliver the treatments to them to keep the disruption to our patients' care to a minimum and make it easily accessible.


In the future there are potential plans for patients to receive their first doses – currently only available in hospital – in the community - again closer to home.


The article is expected to be very well-read as it can assist with revalidation. After reading it there is information on how to reflect on the article and a certificate which gives CPD points (Continuing Professional Development). 


Jayne said: "It is great to see CHFT figure in a professional paper. We have led the way in this care and the Trust is getting widespread recognition across the country. We tailor to our patients' needs much more than other Trusts so for us to get this recognition for going the extra mile is brilliant."