Morning discharges rising. Ace team at work.

Top team - Rachel Garside, Kam Khehra (Discharge Coordinator), Janette Cockcroft, Chris Lord, Francesca Kenyon, Dr Sarin, Fran Wear, Gemma Berriman, Dr El-Ela, Debbie Wood, Dr Bazaraa

Ward managers have risen to a challenge given to them by Associate Director of Nursing, Tracy Fennell and Deputy Associate Director of Nursing, Gemma Berriman.


As a part of the Safer Patient Flow Programme, they were asked to test new and innovative ways of planning discharges to help patients go home in the morning rather when waiting until the afternoon.


Whilst some of the wards haven’t fully implemented changes, the proportion of discharges that happen before midday has risen to 20% across the Trust happen in the morning, with some wards exceeding the 40% target that the Trust has set.


Gemma said: "It’s about being responsive to patients’ needs, both in the sense of the people leaving when it’s best for them, but also for the patients waiting to come in. If we spread the discharges over the day, rather than discharging everyone at once  in the afternoon, it gives capacity earlier in the day for those often acutely unwell people who need admitting."


Rachel Garside, Ward Manager of Ward 5AD at CRH, said: "It’s about changing mindsets to allow morning discharges. I really believe that it’s about understanding that for many patients it’s safer and more convenient for them to go home earlier in the day."


Consultant, Dr Sarin, echoed her sentiments, "It’s not always easy because sometimes there are a lot of different considerations, but we’re now planning discharges in a more proactive way to get it right for the patients."