HRI Fire alarm testing TOMORROW - the sound of the alarm is changing

The sound the fire alarm makes at HRI is changing to fall in line with current guidance. We will be testing it tomorrow; Friday 10 June.


The continuous alarm sounds when a possible fire has been detected in the area where you are in the hospital. This then triggers a second intermittent alarm across the rest of the site.


There has been confusion in the past as the two alarms sounded similar – so in future they will be very different.


On Friday 10th June at 10am we will sound the continuous alarm for 30 seconds and at 10.30am we will sound the intermittent sound for 30 seconds throughout the hospital.


You do not need to do anything when you hear the alarms at these times.


Please remember to ring 666 to keep switchboard informed at any other time whether it is a fire or a false alarm.


Reminder of our annual mandatory fire training programme (as per CHFT Weekly issued 2 June 2016)


Departmental, office based and community fire training

The training will be delivered at your department by the Fire Safety Officer and will be similar to the ward training. 

If you are part of an office or a department please contact Karen Bates on the contact information above to arrange this.

See more about fire training here