What our patients think of us: In-patient 2015 survey results are out

Curtains providing privacy in A&E cubicles

Better at patient privacy on the wards and in A&E and better at hand hygiene! The results of the annual Inpatient Survery 2015 are out.


In most areas scored, CHFT stayed the same but we are pleased to report improvements in the two key areas above scoring in the high 9s out of 10.


Each year all acute and specialist NHS Trusts participate in a survey of adult inpatients. This year the survey was sent to 1220 patients discharged from a CRH or HRI inpatient ward in July 2015, of these 552 responded, giving a response rate of 45%.


Patients were asked about their experience of:

  • The Emergency/A&E department
  • Waiting list and planned admissions
  • Waiting to get a bed on a ward
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Care and treatment
  • Operations and procedures
  • Leaving hospital

Results of the survey were published on Wednesday 8th June 2016 and can be found here. 


Scores for each question are out of 10, a higher score is better. Trust scores of each question in the survey are also compared with the range of results from all other Trusts that took part. An analysis technique called the ‘expected range’ is used to determine whether a Trust performs ‘about the same’, ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than other trusts.


We were reported as scoring about the same for all but 2 of the questions. The Trust was reported as scoring better than the majority of other Trusts for the questions:

  • Were hand-wash gels available for patients and visitors to use? Scoring 9.8
  • Were you given enough privacy when being examined or treated on the ward? Scoring 9.7

The Trust was also noted to have made a statistically significant increase since last year in the scores for 2 of the questions:

  • Were you given enough privacy when being examined or treated in the A&E department? Scoring 9.1
  • How clean were the toilets and bathrooms that you used in hospital? Scoring 9.0

The results will be further analysed by the Trust’s Health Informatics team, including a review of any comments supplied by patients. This will be reviewed by the Patient Experience and Caring Group who will be responsible for identifying any improvement work required.