We've gone viral on Facebook!

Staff from Spring Cottage, based onsite at HRI, have come together with staff at another Childrens Place Day Nursery in Ravensthorpe to give the garden areas a revamp.


The idea came from brainstorming amongst the team on how the outdoor provision can be enhanced to encourage children to investigate and explore, whilst developing their knowledge.


Some of the activities in the garden also encourage children to develop in areas such as maths and science, alongside their imagination and the physical world around them.


The children were in absolute awe when they saw the garden and some quotes from feedback included “I really like our new garden” and “I loved pouring the water and watching it go”.


Marketing Manager for Children’s Place Day Nurseries, Sharon Sandhu, said: “We would like to thank all of the staff for their hard work and determination in working together to make a difference”.


Staff took to Facebook to share pictures of the great work they had achieved, and to date the post been seen by a whopping 62,397 users!


It has also had 222 shares and a total of 332 comments, which have seen numerous nurseries across England seeing and sharing the post.


To see the post on Facebook, click here.


If you are interested in booking a show around at Spring Cottage please contact the Nursery Manager, Cath Manning on 01484 537573 or email springcottage@childrens-place.co.uk