CRH has been operating for 15 years!

Our Estates & Facilities team

In April 2016, CRH had been open and operating for 15 years.


Colleagues who were part of the Trust in April 2001 from the Estates & Facilities Team at CRH, Engie & ISS Mediclean who moved into the new Calderdale Royal Hospital came together to mark the occasion.


They previously worked at Halifax General Hospital, Royal Halifax Infirmary and Northowram Hospitals, and 15 years on marks halfway through with Engie for the Trust.


All the staff were previously members of the Calderdale Healthcare NHS Trust working in the divisions of Hotel & Support Services & Estates.


The majority of staff from the divisions (with the exception of the General Office and secretarial support) transferred to the private providers of ISS Mediclean (for facilities) and Engie (for Estates) who were at this time known as Bovis Lendlease.


The staff all have many years of service within the hospital. However (and unfortunately not on the photo) the longest serving member is Linda Mann, who in June will have 43 years of service. Linda is currently a retail catering assistant and previously worked in the catering department at Halifax General Hospital.


Estates & facilities business manager, Jayne Taylor, said: “It was great to get everyone together and see everyone again, to acknowledge their contribution over the years”