Amazing comeback wins trophy for THIS

From left to right, Mark Butterfield (Information Manager), Neil Thomas, Matthew Bleach (Information Analyst), Alistair Finn (Information Analyst), Robert Cox (EPR Analyst), Matthew Butterfield (Physio). The photo was taken by the coach, Julian Bates.

There was the legendary Liverpool FC in Istanbul in 2005 and earlier this month there was Liverpool v Dortmund, but a comeback for the Health Informatics team is well up there with the great comebacks in footie history..... ish!


They clinched the trophy at the annual Leeds NHS 5-a-side at Powerleague Leeds Central last Friday night. The £10 per team always goes to charity.


The team launched a stunning recovery to come back from two down virtually from kick-off to win it with three goals in three minutes in extra time.


Proud coach Julian Bates, said: "They looked beaten but there was a remarkable showing of resilience and working together to get results to enable a famous, long to be remembered victory. We were highly delighted to have performed well on such a big stage."


Having previously won back in 2012 they were eager to get their hands on the coveted trophy once again. They played a total of five games and managed to win every one.


Julian added: "For keeping a cool head when they were looking at defeat Mark Butterfield was a star. But then they all were!


They are looking to defend their title next year too.