Ready, headset go! HRI Switchboard are our latest Stars.

Five of the team of seven with their certificate and Owen

"They are the people who everyone knows but never sees!"


That's how Roberta Lister described the switchboard team at HRI which handles around 3000 calls every weekday and 1,000 on both Saturday and Sunday  - providing a brilliant front line services for us, our patients and their families.


In her Star Award nomination Roberta told how they went the extra mile to ensure there was always cover and how they support each other. She said: "They arrange for colleagues to cover before submitting leave requests. In the event of sickness I can ring one of them on their day off, even if they just worked for the last seven days, to support their colleagues and they will come in at short notice."


She said they very often sorted inquiries themselves without the need to put calls through. "Their collective knowledge is outstanding. They are the people who everyone knows but never sees."


In all they have more than 100 years experience between them and make a huge contribution to "keeping the base safe", adds Roberta. " It would be great for the rest of our Trust to put a face to these exceptional people."


The team are pictured receving their certificate from CEO Owen Williams. Allan Conn who works nights is also featured. Sallie Dolby was unable to attend the presentation..


Whilst generally serious calls are taken by Switchboard, there have been a couple of strange ones such as “I am pregnant.  I thought you should know”. and "I don’t know what I want but can you help me?”