"Like having my best mate in the room." Praise for our midwives on Calderdale Birth Centre

Cuteness overload - Janine with the Lockley family


A couple have made a donation to the Calderdale Birth Centre as thanks for supporting them to have baby Rory after tragically losing their first baby.


Rory was born after a four-day labour on the Birth Centre, and throughout Grant and Rebecca Lockley were reassured and kept in good humour by the team there.


They hailed midwife Janine Lortie in particular. Janine was at Rebecca’s side throughout the long labour, making sure Rory arrived safely. As it came to the end of her shift Janine was adamant he would arrive before she left.


Rebecca said: “Janine said ‘we’re going to get this baby out before I go off this shift at 7’ – and Rory arrived at five minutes to!


“Janine just had this great sense of humour and was so encouraging and understanding. I’d been so anxious based on my last pregnancy, but with Janine I just knew everything was going to be alright. She reassured me telling me she delivered babies every day and she’d been here before. I knew then I’d feel better the next time too and everything was going to be ok”.


Grant said: “It was like having my best friend in the room for the birth.”


They also said Janine’s colleague Jeanette Goddard had been key after Rory was born by explaining things and helping Rebecca start to feed Rory.


Janine and the team at the Birth Centre will be having a meeting to decide on how to spend the money raised. She said: “We’re so very grateful to Grant and Rebecca for their donation. It makes a huge difference and I had a real lump in my throat when I heard what Grant said about having me there at the birth”.


The Lockleys, from Illingworth, Halifax had £900 to present. Grant grew his beard throughout Rebecca’s pregnancy and was then sponsored to shave it off and his golf club – Shant Golf Society - supported him throughout and also made their own donation of £300 - so £1200 has been donated in total.