Appraisals and training news from our Director of Nursing Julie Dawes


Through our four pillars one of the behaviours that we expect to see across the organisation is that ‘we do the must do’s’.   This includes being appraised and being compliant with mandatory training every year.

Having an appraisal discussion is really important. Evidence shows that effective appraisals lead to improved staff performance, higher staff satisfaction and better patient outcomes.  If you’ve not had an appraisal in the last 12 months or are yet to schedule it with the person who appraises you on a date before the end of March please act now and set up your appraisal discussion. Remember, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure we are appraised at least once a year. For more information about appraisals and how to prepare go to

Please make sure you are compliant with your training to ensure you have the core knowledge and skills that enable you to do your job. If there is a gap in what you need to do, take steps to correct the position now. If you are not sure what training you need to do check here.

Thank you Julie Dawes,  Director of Nursing and Operations