AMU emergency and a full-round of CQC inspection week so far

Chief Exec Owen Williams (standing) with Chairman Andrew Haigh (seated) welcoming inspection team


This week’s CQC visit started in dramatic style when a patient collapsed as the inspection team passed their area.


As they entered our Star Award-winning Acute Medical Unit at CRH on Tuesday afternoon, the inspectors witnessed our colleagues delivering emergency care at first hand to react to the situation to provide best care for the patient.


Advanced Clinical Practitioner Debra Adams was with the inspection team when the patient collapsed. She said "It could have been a fainting incident, but we had to treat it as an emergency. To be honest gut instinct kicked-in and we just followed our normal procedures to make sure this patient was given the care she needed".


Since Tuesday, the 57 inspectors – pictured during their welcome with Owen and Andrew -  have visited a huge number of areas (see below) at CHFT talking to and observing colleagues in their work places, in focus groups, one-to-one and divisional interviews.


In his personal presentation (see slides attached) about the Trust, Owen told the CQC: "I couldn't possibly give a presentation which didn't focus on what we're proud about and I can tell you we really mean it here. We're on a huge journey and it's all about our 5700 staff and 400 volunteers - we just couldn't do it without them".


The visit formally finishes tomorrow (Friday) lunchtime when the inspectors will give Owen a brief verbal account of their visit. So bear in mind they can still visit you at any point up to that point.


Director of Nursing Julie Dawes said in a mail to colleagues: "Generally the inspection appears to going smoothly and many colleagues feel they’ve given a good account of the work their area or division does. It’s clear that we’re sharing great examples of fantastic practice and that we’ve had lots of great examples of patient feedback".


We won't get anything in writing yet or our ratings - that can take on average three months to come. We'll communicate more widely when we are able to share more information. 


Here is where the inspection team have been whilst at CHFT up to Thursday morning....sorry if we've missed your area - they've really gone far and wide:



Endoscopy, ICU, Ortho OPD, Surgical OPD, Acre Mill OPD, Birth Centre, MAU, Surgical Wards, 14, 15 and SAU, Radiology, Paeds - Ward 18, Ward 11, Ward 7, Day Surgery, Pre-Op assessment, Ward 12, Ward 20, Admissions, Ward 5ad, Palliative Care, ED, Ward 3, Ward 21 - general rehab, Ward 18, Physio OP, Theatres, Chaplaincy, Ward 22, Mortuary, Pathology, Maternity, Ward 9, Appointment Centre, General Office.



  • Brighouse Health Centre, Hanging Royd Health Centre, Beechwood Community Health Centre - with Community rehab  
  • Brighouse Health Centre, Boulevard Surgery and Northowram Surgery - with district nursing and health visiting
  • Ash Green Children's Centre (Family Nurse Partnership)
  • Out of hours visits with district nursing service
  • St John's Health Centre  - including End of Life and Quest for Quality Teams 
  • There were also visits with patients from each site
  • Valley Medical Centre, Hebden Bridge - Health Visitors
  • Plane Trees District Nurses
  • Nursery Lane Health Visitors
  • Northolme Medical Centre 


CRH: Fewer visits as yet as bulk of visit planned today (Thursday)

MAU, ED, Labour Ward, Post-Natal Ward 9, Gynae Ward  4c, GAU Ward 3 - paeds, 6b, 6d, Theatres, Neo-Natal, Macmillan, Admissions, Phlebotomy, Ophthalmology, ENT Outpatients, Rehab, Physion OPD, Ward 6d, Pathology, Mortuary and Radiology.


...And finally - a huge thanks to all colleagues who have welcomed an inspection team. And to those who have put effort in to prepare but haven't had a visit yet (they may not get to every single area). Please don't be too disappointed if you don't get a visit. 

Our CQC intranet page has information and briefings