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Issue 53 | 11th February 2016

Posh coffee, crisps and cakies from Costa! All this....for  one loyal reader

Happy 1st Birthday.... to us! Win this from Costa

    CHFT Weekly is 1 today! Hurrah!     There have been 52 editions of  CHFT's first ebulletin, and our reader figures show you're just loving it more and more.  Last week we had an amazing 3,500 hits. Our first had just 900. So CHFT Weekly is THE place to share your news. 
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Our ace maternity flu jab team: Zoe Russell, Paula McMahon, Yasmin Smithson, Ruth Hirst, Amanda Brown and Denise Jovic

Safer mums, safer babies.Maternity team treble vaccinations

Lead midwife public health, Kate Large, who has taken the lead on the maternity flu campaign has been working towards increasing the number of pregnant women being vaccinated against seasonal flu... with huge success. 
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Jodaine and Sam

Here's Jodaine and Sam from Ward 19 - and more stars of our poster campaign

In the final instalment of our poster campaign trilogy, this week we're sharing more of the posters that will be in windows across our Trust soon.        As well as fab images of colleagues welcoming people to our Trust we've also had some designed around our four pillars.  
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Fancy a new challenge at CHFT? Here's a roundup of our vacancies

In a new addition to its supply of your good news and photos, CHFT Weekly is starting a regular slot  highlighting the current job opportunities at the Trust.     A quick click on the links attached should take you to our vacancies on NHS Jobs.     So have a trawl  and see what's out there.  Your new post could be a click away. 
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Star Award for February - nominations now open

 You've been thinking about it and now Christmas is over, the sales have gone, it's mid-Feb already so go one, finally get round to it..... and nominate your colleague!     Nicola Lear and Linda Mitchell have already set the bar high with two amazing displays of working together to provide compassionate care for our patients.  read more

Ward 17....clutter free

Declutter Fridays benefit everyone

Do you have 'stuff' piling up in your ward, department or office? Then it's probably time to have an 'almost spring clean' - by taking advantage of Declutter Fridays which started last week.        We know that many areas are kept nice and tidy (see attached pics from Ward 17) - and we'd like every ward to be a beacon of tidiness.  read more

Angela Davies, left and Joanne Fairclough

Better bedside info - new handy guide for patients

Patients and visitors now have access to ward specific information - keeping them up-to-date with useful information during their stay with us.        The leaflets, which are left by beds or on bedside tables, are laminated to high infection control standards so they can be cleaned for the next patient.  read more

Patients leaflets - new look and easy access on intranet

We have a new section on the intranet to store our patient information leaflets. (see icon attched in non-clincal tools)     All patient information will be stored there for easy access. Work has already started to convert patient information from the booklet style into the new easy to read A4 sheet style.  read more

CHFT in short... ESR, Seminar event, EPR event

Electronic Staff Record Manager Self Service     What has been done so far? Employee self-service has been introduced within the Trust.   Employee self-service allows employees to access online payslips, view Total Reward pension statements and update their personal information such as address and change of bank account.  read more

Website - this is your final reminder

By Monday (Feb 15) all the information on our website for use by patients, their families, our visitors and potetntial jobhunters will transfer to the new website designers.     This is our external page, this is not the intranet.     If yours is wrong now it will be wrong in the future and we are simply not providing the service we should be.  read more

Cutlery and trays in Spice of Life dining room

Our colleagues in the Spice of Life are making a plea for trays and cutlery to stay in the dining room.     They are having to buy more on a regular basis to replenish stocks.     Scott Jones from Compass, said: " We assume that people are taking them away and  not bringing them back and this isa polite request for them not to leave the dining room at all."       read more

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