Happy 1st Birthday.... to us! Win this from Costa

Posh coffee, crisps and cakies from Costa! All this....for  one loyal reader


 CHFT Weekly is 1 today! Hurrah!


There have been 52 editions of  CHFT's first ebulletin, and our reader figures show you're just loving it more and more.  Last week we had an amazing 3,500 hits. Our first had just 900. So CHFT Weekly is THE place to share your news.


All of us in Comms love putting it together for you  and so a big thanks to you all for sharing all your good news both as individuals and as teams, both professional and personal news and all the must dos and the must laughs!!


We can exclusively reveal that in Year One: 

  • We had more than 100,000 reads; 
  • Nurses are the best CHFT "newhounds" in the Trust
  • Matron stories are always well-read. Beware matrons!
  • Estates is the best for sharing its divisional good news
  • Big team photo stories go down a storm
  • Individual achievements - charity fundraising -  attract big hits
  • You all like a laugh and a video! 


So test yourself on the past year and try this little quiz.  Email your answers back to us at CHFT@cht.nhs.uk  we'll put them all into a hat, draw it and the winner will get this fab Costa hamper packed with tons of goodies.  Thanks to Scott, Neil and Sam and all colleagues at Costa. It looks yummy.


  • What date do the CQC inspectors arrive?
  • Our matron Gemma Berriman lost a lot of weight..  what else did she lose?
  • How did radiographer Andy Cross get from Geneva to Barcelona to raise funds for our Neo-Natal Unit?
  • Which famous London address did Janette Cockroft visit?


Again,  a massive thanks to each and every one of you who has emailed in, grabbed us in the car park, collared us in Costa or phoned into Comms.


Don't keep the good news to yourself.....share it the CHFT Weekly way!! 


We're delighted to receive these birthday greetings... 


  • CEO Owen Williams -  “Happy Birthday – you’re doing a great job. Love it”


  • Assistant director of nursing, Tracy Fennell -  " CHFT Weekly contacted my previous Trust and ran a story about my appointment. So when I started everyone knew me before I knew anyone and, as a result, I received a really, lovely welcome from right across the Trust."


  • Workforce Benefits Manager Laurie Beckett - “Last summer when we ran a story about our Work Together Get Results page, the number of people who visited our pages shot up. This shows colleagues are reading the articles and looking for more."


  • Facilities manager, Jason Bushby - "CHFT weekly has brought exposure and recognition to some of the support services which we didn't have before.  It definitely has bought cleaning services out of the broom cupboard!"


  • Assistant director of quality Juliette Cosgrove  -  " I love CHFT Weekly every Thursday. It’s really improved over the past months and gets better and better. I look out for it each week now as there is so much good news in it."


  • Director of Estates, Lesley Hill -  " CHFT Weekly has really helped to promote the work that goes on behind the scenes in Estates and Facilities. Most importantly it shows the rest of the  organisation our fantastic teams working together - and getting results!