Opening hours - Spice of Life

The staff 20% discount scheme for the “Spice of Life” catering service has proved popular with staff. However, part of this agreement included a review of customer numbers, particularly over the weekend period, to ascertain the on-going viability.

Whilst the discount scheme has increased the number of customer during the week, figures for the weekend period are still extremely low. It was agreed that should weekend figures not improve following the implementation of the discount scheme, the Trust would agree to an alternative service model that would enable the 20% discount to remain and allow the service to be variable. I can therefore confirm that as from 7th March 2015 the service will be amended as follows:

Spice of Life Restaurant

Will open: Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.00pm



Costa Outlet

Costa will continue to offer the current range of services, including 8.00pm closing at weekends, providing a great choice for breakfast (hot rolls/porridge/fruit pots/morning pastries) and offering panini’s/toasties throughout the day as well as the usual Costa offer.

Amigo Outlet

Amigo will continue to offer the current range of services, including 8.00pm closing at weekend. However, for those staff still needing a hot meal at weekends, there will be a new section in the store offering ready meals and hot snacks that can be reheated at individual work stations at your convenience.

The above will ensure we continue to provide an excellent food service at HRI whilst retaining the 20% staff discount scheme which would otherwise require review given the low turnover at weekends.

We are confident the above service model will offer a suitable and affordable solution for catering services at HRI.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.