"'Flu is a truly foul illness" - Medical director David Birkenhead's plea to get your jab

David\'s passionate about colleagues and patients staying safe


At last week's Big Brief our medical director David Birkenhead emphasised the medical grounds for having the flu jab. He pointed out it can affect even healthy people and kill in cases where people are already vulnerable.


The vaccine available is the perfect match for the current virus so we know it is effective in keeping everyone safe and even though it's after Christmas it is still worth having it.


It can also be spread without the carrier even having symptoms. For 48 hours before symptoms show you could be carrying and transmitting the virus to everyone around you including chidlren and our  vulnerable patients.


A large number of colleagues have either not had or have their jab elsewhere. However it's not too late. Our 'flu pages have more information about the myths surrounding the 'flu vaccination and you can get the drop in dates here.


And if you've had the vaccination outside  CHFT please complete the self-declaration form so that we know, or ask your manager to let Occupational Health know.