"Happiest ward ever" - in praise of Ward 15

Ken and wife Sue back in Portugal

Every week, the CHFT inbox receives emails from our patients and their families after receiving care from us.


The vast majority say lovely things and always big thankyou to our teams right across the Trust. Here in Comms we see them all and always try to forward them on to our teams.


This exceptional one came in recently and was so lovely we're starting up a new slot in CHFT Weekly to showcase the best ones and share them right right round the Trust.


So here's to Happy Ward 15... from patient Ken Barlow who sent us this photo from Portugal now he's back and on the road to recovery after care at HRI. 



"On arrival the hospital staff were extremely efficient in questioning, diagnosing and starting treatment as soon as possible, even though they were obviously busy, they took time to get all the information before proceeding further. I spent the first night on the Assessment ward, then was transferred to Ward 15 where I was "greeted and welcomed" by fellow inmates. This has truly got to be one of the happiest wards I have ever encountered, from the senior staff to the cleaning ladies and patients. It does make a big difference. The food was good and I have absolutely no criticisms at all of the treatment I received throughout my stay. The staff were also able to provide me with basic toiletries and pyjamas - a big thank you for that too.

"I asked to be discharged as soon as possible because I had an itinerary to follow if at all possible and, although my health came first, it was also important for me to catch my ferry back to Portugal on time.

"Can you please pass on my thanks to everybody concerned."


Ward 15 this week but it could be you next time!