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Issue 49 | 14th January 2016

Ken and wife Sue back in Portugal

"Happiest ward ever" - in praise of Ward 15

Every week, the CHFT inbox receives emails from our patients and their families after receiving care from us.     The vast majority say lovely things and always big thankyou to our teams right across the Trust. Here in Comms we see them all and always try to forward them on to our teams. 
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Lauren Moss, Jackie Ellam, Lindsay Holroyd, Janice Round, Alex Spencer, Cheryl Dougherty, Fiona Kaye, Lynda Robb, Angela Matijevic and Shenagh Marshall

A-ma-zing! Slashing theatre waiting lists: 3,000 to nil

   A huge drive by our theatre admin teams has seen the patients waiting for pre-op assessment dramatically fall to... absolutely none.     Last summer a backlog of up to 3,000 had built up due to the vacancies and sickness situation at the Trust. Agency staff were brought in to tackle it with amazing results. 
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Giving the thumbs up to Fiona (from left): Omar Khatab, Rita Pallucci, Fiona, Becky Colwill and Sue Burton

"Dr..... Who?" How our David Tennant fan named a national campaign

A devoted Dr Who fan at our Trust has named a new nationwide campaign to make sure doctors get called the correct title.     Receptionist and study leave coordinator Fiona Coll and her team came up with the name "Dr Who" which has been so effective that is has been adopted worldwide. 
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Julie, in red, meeting the team at HRI before heading out to the wards

Weekly walkabouts underway

   A new regime of weekly walkabouts aimed at sharing best practice across CHFT began yesterday (Wed 13 January) at CRH, HRI and in community teams.     Director of Nursing Julie Dawes kicked-off the first HRI walkabout - which involve matrons, clinical managers from Community, safeguarding and infection control. 
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Owen's invitation to help make CHFT fair for all.

   Our Trust makes every effort to  make sure everyone working here gets the same opportunities and same support.  read more

Our services - CCGs meet next Wednesday Jan 20

Our two commissioners, the Calderdale  Clinical Commissioning Group and the Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group are meeting next week to start the process to reshape the way healthcare services are delivered in our area.     Led by local GPs, the CCGs provide the majority of our funding for the care we provide.  read more

Important work information: disposal of waste medicines - compliance required by 12 February

Further to the information shared on 17 December in CHFT Weekly, full compliance is expected by 12 February, and a new poster has been provided to help colleagues.     The changes since the last communication are: 

  • Compliance date is Friday 12 February.
  • New container order code added to poster
  • Amended pharmacy info.
  • Revised decision tree poster (attached)
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David\'s passionate about colleagues and patients staying safe

"'Flu is a truly foul illness" - Medical director David Birkenhead's plea to get your jab

   At last week's Big Brief our medical director David Birkenhead emphasised the medical grounds for having the flu jab. He pointed out it can affect even healthy people and kill in cases where people are already vulnerable.  read more

Star Award: nominations open for January's winner

We're close to announcing our second Star Award winner. And yet again we had a tremendous range of nominations from right across the Trust.     From outstanding team efforts to individuals who are an inspiration to their colleagues around them. We shall soon be announcing our second winner to follow ward clerk Nicola Lear.  read more

CHFT in short

Website update reminder     We are appealing to everyone to check your information on the external website - services, clinical and non clinical - and make sure the info is accurate and up to date.  read more

Big Brief roundup: Great news from community and all the latest from your division

There was great news from community at January's Big Brief last Thursday. (new day new time)     Our Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker told the HRI Big Brief the successful pilot the Quest for Quality and End of Life initiatives have been made permanent in Calderdale.  read more

CHFT Events

Living with heart conditions - your invitation to a special lecture delivered by Felicity Astin

Felicity Astin, Professor of Nursing & Applied Health Research at the University of Huddersfield/Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, is holding an public lecture next month.     The lecture will be held at the University of Huddersfield. Full details and information on how to book a place can be found below.  read more

Student Nursing Times Awards 2016

Have you got a great student in your team? A real standout junior member?     Then, get them nominated for national recognition.     If you haven't already submitted an entry for this year's Student Nursing Times Awards don’t miss the opportunity to be in with a chance of getting recognised for excellence and raising your profile.  read more

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