Amanda Smith's new neo-natal inductions get the big thumbs up.

Melanie, Emily-Jayne and Fern pictured with Amanda on the right


We're started a new-style induction for newcomers to neo-natal department and we're already had some great feedback.


"Learning off the ward has had a huge positive affect on how I feel now I am on the ward"...colleagues from the Neonatal Unit have been telling CHFT Weekly about how the month-long induction has made a difference to their new roles


Family Support Assistants Fern Phillips, Tammy Baxter, Jenny Gray and Lindsey Blakey, and Staff Nurses Emily-Jayne Aylett, Heather Brooks, Emily Wright, Tanisha Uppal and Melanie Bell joined the unit in autumn.


They completed a month's induction, working with Amanda Smith, Neonatal Sister (pictured above). Amanda took them through an intense period of training including:

  • Mandatory training and trust induction
  • Classroom teaching on procedures/policies and Neonatal complications/pathological diseases/ resuscitation and basic care
  • SIM Training/ practical skills; and
  • Talks from other members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team and medical devices training and competencies.  


One session they all enjoyed, was when they met a 24 week gestation twins’ mum, Gail Cadman, along with Michelle Berry, Bliss volunteer, who had a 26 week gestation little girl. They gave an insight into parents’ perspectives and  involved personal experiences.  A visit to the Forget Me Not Trust followed, with Emma Bleasdale, which was very informative to assist families who need bereavement support. Kim Walsh and Bev Waterhouse also provided a very informative session on substance misuse and perinatal mental health during pregnancy, alongside link nurse Heidi Hall who discussed nursing care provided for these babies. A big thank you goes out to all those who have helped with inducting the new staff.


Here's what they've been saying:


Tammy: "I feel confident talking to parents about their babies due to the neonatal knowledge and teaching from Amanda. I feel more confident holding tiny babies, with the daily routine, bottle and nasogastric tube feeding and performing basic cares".


Jenny said: "The induction enabled me to put the theory I learnt with Amanda into practise, during my first week on the ward, which led to positive comments from parents".


Heather added" I believe the training for new starters will, and has helped the reduction of risk by making the group more aware/knowledgeable, thus maintaining a safe environment for staff, patients and families".