Justin Bieber loves the NHS Choir. Fancy joining one at CHFT?

Justin supporting the NHS Choir

Long before we heard the NHS Choir's Christmas single Clerical Officer Fiona Bruin decided to use her own experience to bring together a CHFT choir. Read Fiona's story...and then if you love singing or music generally, and want to get involved or know more, she'd love to hear from you.



" I have always been interested in singing.  When I heard about the Joybelles choir, to which I now belong I thought “let’s give it a go”.  So I walked into the meeting one evening and said I that I would like to join. 


“What kind of a voice have you got” they said. “I think I am at the lower end of the range “ I replied. “Oh, we'll treat you with kid gloves” came the reply.


This was eighteen months ago, and I have never looked back.  I have now given quite a few performances with the choir. Most recently we gave four concerts in one week - two on the same day.  I started as an alto, but then moved up to soprano.  Being in the choir has given me such a degree of confidence and made me more happy and settled that the difference between what I was before the choir and how I feel now that it is like chalk and cheese.


Despite being partially deaf with hearing aids, I do not feel at all inhibited when I sing.  I have even had one of my fellow choristers tell me that she has enormous respect for me, for having the guts to stand up and sing despite my deafness.  Another member of the choir has said that my voice has become richer since I joined the group.


When I first joined, my voice was quite thin, high and screechy.  But now it is settled in its range and steady, and the power in my voice is developing quite nicely.


If you are at all interested in singing, then give it a go. There is no need to feel shy or self-conscious.  Singing does wonders for the soul and leaves you feeling on top of the world.  It makes you so relaxed that you feel as if you are completely happy with the world.  It's also marvellous for releasing tension.


Don’t be afraid ………………. GIVE IT A GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


The whys and wherefores from Fiona:

  • To start with, we'll be assessing the level of interest
  • After this, we'll agree on things like where to meet and how often, so that we can fit in with what time people can manage 
  • We need at least 15 people to get a nice range of voices.  Fiona belongs to a ladies choir, but there is no reason why our CHFT choir should be ladies only. 
  • If you feel that you can hold a tune (or you know someone who can), they would be good as members.
  • We also need someone who can play a keyboard, and provide some music to sing to, so if you can tinkle the ivories please get in touch with Fiona

You can contact Fiona on fiona.bruin@cht.nhs.uk or call her at HRI on ext 5615.