She's won medals for ballroom dancing and now she's our first Star Award winner. Here's Nicola Lear

Ambulance crew give Nicola a celebratory smacker

Here she is - our first Star Award winner.

We received so many nominations which shows the strength in depth across the Trust. We had them from all areas, in all roles and they were a real joy to read. She will receive this fab certificate, shopping vouchers and will start off a  CHFTWall of Fame.

So thankyou to all the nominators. Keep them coming!

Here's more about our first winner,

Name: Nicola Lear

Location: Ward 5 HRI

Why she’s a Star: For all her work helping move Ward 4 to Ward 5 at HRI  – and gaining 10 extra patients.

Words from her nominator: Rachel Emberton said:  “Alongside doing her ward clerk duties Nicola goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth and safe running of the ward.” 

Career at CHFT: 10. Started as a domestic, became ward clerk on Ward 4. Moved to Ward 5 in October 2015

What do you like about working at CHFT? “Everything! The patients, my colleagues. We have such a good bunch on here and so many different challenges. Nothing fazes me, some people get swamped but that’s not me. I just want to the best for our patients and all the staff on the ward.”

Tell us something about you nobody knows: “ I have medals for ballroom dancing from when I was 11!”

And just after our CEO presented her with her certificate (pictured in the attachment) ... she got a well-done kiss from two ambulance colleagues... and CHFT Weekly paparazzi caught the moment!!