Khan he help you? Yes he Khan. Amraze's new slimming club starts tonight

Our former Comms student has hit the national headlines starting up his new side career as a slimming consultant.


He's had a trememdous response to his new venture spurred by his own weiight loss of more than 6 stones and down from 23 stones to wearing skinny jeans!


25 people have  already signed up and he is ready and raring to share the secrets of his success.


He said:  "25 have said they will come. But  the first is on  New Year’s Eve so bracing myself!   am really excited and looking forward to my brand new Slimming World group.So far I have had bookings from 25 people which is truly amazing and I can’t wait to help people with their success. I am here for you all, whether you are man or a women, no matter what your age, if you want to lose weight, then come along to group.


“I know the festive time is near and people want to celebrate, why not? Enjoy yourselves, but remember I am here to support you to start your journey to a whole new you this New Year. Slimming World has changed my life, now let me help you change yours.


Call him on 07925 522 061.