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Dec 31 issue | 31st December 2015

Ambulance crew give Nicola a celebratory smacker

She's won medals for ballroom dancing and now she's our first Star Award winner. Here's Nicola Lear

Here she is - our first Star Award winner.  We received so many nominations which shows the strength in depth across the Trust. We had them from all areas, in all roles and they were a real joy to read. She will receive this fab certificate, shopping vouchers and will start off a  CHFTWall of Fame.  So thankyou to all the nominators. 
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Refentse and his footie gifts from Sheffield Wednesday

They made it... Obe and family reunited for Christmas

      It was late on December 23 but that's when Obe Morake and his family were reunited  just in time for Christmas and all thanks to CHFT colleagues. 
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Linda\'s army - thankyou!!

Linda Mitchell leads the Allen House fightback after the floods.

On with the wellies and into work!!     That was administrator Linda Mitchell's response after water ripped through SowerbyBridge and in to our premises at  Allen House.  Linda, pictured in her red wellies,  who wasn't working alerted colleagues the building and surroundings were flooded on Boxing Day. 
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Barry behind the beard and Lesley

Shuttle bus Santa and his little elf-er - Barry Ackroyd and Lesley Hill spread cheer on the move

Christmas 2015: All wrapped up!     1 Mince pies and festive cheer were dished out on the move during our shuttle bus runs.Director of Estates Lesley Hill chose this green and red little number (size tw-elf?)  to accompany driver Barry Ackroyd. Barry is back with us after time off and Lesley promised him she'd do it. 
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Melanie, Emily-Jayne and Fern pictured with Amanda on the right

Amanda Smith's new neo-natal inductions get the big thumbs up.

.  We're started a new-style induction for newcomers to neo-natal department and we're already had some great feedback.     "Learning off the ward has had a huge positive affect on how I feel now I am on the ward"...  read more

Justin supporting the NHS Choir

Justin Bieber loves the NHS Choir. Fancy joining one at CHFT?

Long before we heard the NHS Choir's Christmas single Clerical Officer Fiona Bruin decided to use her own experience to bring together a CHFT choir. Read Fiona's story...and then if you love singing or music generally, and want to get involved or know more, she'd love to hear from you.        " I have always been interested in singing.  read more

Have your jab

'Flu Year's Day.....dedicated day of vaccinations to help beat the 'flu set for Monday

We've had confirmation that the vaccine is a good match for the strain of virus circulating this year - so one less reason for colleagues not to get involved in 'Flu Year's Day next Monday 4 January.     We'll have four 'Flu Champion Immunisers on hand at our three main sites: St John's Health Centre, HRI and CRH.  read more

Tom - our new Rev at CRH

Toolmaker Tom is our new chaplain

Newcomer Tom McKinlay has joined CHFT from Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton and The Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge, London.     Born in Glasgow, he has lived most of his life in East Kilbride before moving to Leyland in Lancashire.     Working alongside Reverend George Spencer, Tom will be based at CRH whilst George is based at HRI.  read more

Premiere of Michael's Story - film launch on Jan 7

      Date: Thursday 7 January 2016 Time: 10.15am - 12.15pm Location: HWG/04, Harold Wilson Building (University of Huddersfield) ground floor, room 4  The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) (2007) provides a legal framework, which aims to protect and empower people who lack capacity.  read more

CHFT Events

Apocalyptic! Our paediatrician Alistair Morris's account of the floods and how to donate

1 ** Our paediatrician Alistair Morris has been on flood alert over the past week with the Calder Valler Search and Rescue Team. (see picture)  Here's his account of their amazing work where he describes conditions in the Lakes as "apocalyptic".  read more

Khan he help you? Yes he Khan. Amraze's new slimming club starts tonight

Our former Comms student has hit the national headlines starting up his new side career as a slimming consultant.  read more

Dry January

It's January tomorrow!     Have you thought about getting involved with Dry January?  Last year 85% of people reported a great sense of achievement after completing a month off alcohol, could that be you this January?     Alcohol misuse in England is widespread and its impact far-reaching.  read more

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