Our WTGR hailed by NHS Employers...and colleagues

NHS Employers have published a case study outlining how our Work Together Get Results (WTGR) approach to change is making a difference to colleagues at CHFT.



The study (attached) outlines the challenges we faced as a Trust and what colleagues were telling us in the annual staff survey. After much input, including from Owen Williams our Chief Executive, both our new Four Pillars and the WTGR approach were introduced.



Head of Workforce Development, Bev France told CHFT Weekly; "We're really proud of the work all our colleagues have put in to the WTGR approach. It's really been a joint effort to get to this point. Once we realised we needed to give colleagues the opportunity to make change happen themselves, we knew they would need support to do it."


"We used established coaching techniques to pull together it together - meaning colleagues can work within their teams, or in wider groups to achieve their goals".


More than 400 colleagues have been on the two day training programme....and many are putting into practice what they've learned on the course in their day-to-day roles.


Team Leader for Inpatient Therapies Jenny Lydon is passionate about the approach."For me the toolkit is practical, accessible and useful.


"It doesn't matter what your background is, or in fact your role. The whole approach is relevant to everyone at CHFT, from admin staff, to support teams, qualified or not.


"I came away from training feeling I could use the toolkit immediately, and I know other colleagues in therapies feel the same. We are already using the Three Rs in our senior team meetings, alongside the other resources - I want to make every minute count for colleagues committing time to monthly meetings".


And don't forget we have a new app for colleagues on the move who want to access a simple version of the key tools.


The app complements our existing workbook - we've just introduced another way of making it more accessible to colleagues. 


Colleagues with Trust smartphones may find the app is already installed on their phones. To activate it there is a short registration process.


Want to access the app? You can easily download it and start using it to help support change in your team or with others. This and much more information is on our WTGR pages.