Long Service Awards last night

They joined the Trust in a year when an average house cost £11,000K, when the Tories chose Margaret Thatcher as the first female leader in politics and when legend Bruce Springsteen released epic LP Born to Run. The year was 1975!


Last night we celebrated four colleagues with an amazing 40 years service each alongside five with 25 years each.


Chairman Andrew Haigh and Chief Executive Owen Williams thanked them all saying he was proud to work alongside colleagues dedicated to providing compassionate care at a time when we face some of the largest challenges that we've ever faced.


Here is a list of attendees and years served:

Name Area Years served
Carolyn Batten  Midwifery 40
Phillip Cadogan  X-ray 40
Patricia Mallinson  Community Maternity 40
Lorraine Sykes   Main Theatre 40
Lisa Rachael Bulmer    Community 25
Angela Dysart  Cardiac Rehabilitation 25
Jane Hodgson  Physiotherapy 25
Darshan Kaur   Linen Services 25
Madeleine McDermott  Phlebotomy 25

Please contact CHFT@cht.nhs.uk if you'd like a copy of your photo.