Christmas Taxis for colleagues - eligibility, how to book and the shuttle bus schedule

During the Christmas period our Trust will only provide taxis to colleagues under exceptional circumstances. This covers those working on Bank Holidays over Christmas/New Year who:


Should any of the circumstances above apply, then the provision of a taxi is subject to approval from the department’s authorised officer and approval for the taxi cost is to be taken from each individual department budget.


Shuttle bus service information:           HRI                                              CRH

25 Dec: No service

26 Dec: No service

27 Dec: Shuttle runs between:           1.00pm – 9.10pm                    1.30pm – 9.30pm

28 Dec: Shuttle runs between:           7:30am – 5.30pm                    8.00am – 6.00pm

1 Jan:    No service


Booking taxis – deadline Friday 19 December (see attachment for forms to complete if required)


For HRI bookings managers will need to complete the Mount Taxis booking form (A) [attached] and email through to  


For CRH bookings managers will need to complete the booking form (B) [attached] and call Z Cars on 08000 149945 or 01422 366366. Please quote prefix X when making your bookings with Z Cars


A charge of £5.00 is required from colleagues towards the total cost of the journey. This will be deducted via payroll, so please make sure the payroll number is included when booking (Please see form below for the information required).


Managers will need to collate a list of colleagues requiring taxis in large departments.


Please encourage colleagues to double up with a second, third or fourth passenger on journeys where appropriate. Again, this service is for staff who meet the above exceptional circumstances criteria.


All bookings must be made by managers, by Friday 19th December. It’s possible there may not be a taxi available if managers book after this date.


If the taxi provider can not accommodate, the colleagues should pay for their journey(s) and claim back via e-expenses or through payroll in the New Year.


Public transport travel information can be found here:

    • Do not have access to a vehicle 
    • Do not drive 
    • Cannot access public transport at the time transport is required.