The White Rose says I'm new. Supporting our new nurses

Beth Gee, left and Jordanna Goodward

All new staff nurses have the option of wearing the White Rose Yorkshire emblem to help other members of their teams identify they are new to CHFT.


This helps ensure the multi-disciplinary teams working around them recognise in a discreet manner that they may need more support and advice.


The White Rose - is optional - and can be worn throughout the preceptorship* period ensuring as much support is given to help them through their early days. The idea came from a student who had been at the Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where new nurses have the option of wearing a daisy badge to signal they are new and may need extra surpport.


Cheryl Lee, pictured in attachments wearing hers, said: "Since we have joined CHFT we feel well supported, and the preceptorship programme is good providing us with lots of opportunities."


Matron Renee Comerford, said: " We hope this reassures and provides support for our new nurses. We want this White Rose to recognised throughout the Trust so everyone can support new nurses in our teams" 


**Preceptorship is the first 12 months after a new nurse starts at the Trust where extra support maybe necessary and we try to ensure a new nurse isn't given anything too challenging such as  being the nurse in charge on their ward area.