News from our deputy CEO and Director of Nursing Julie Dawes

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be aware there have been a number of discussions taking place to consider whether our current management and divisional organisation of care is fit for purpose and aligned to the Trust’s strategic vision.  As part of our aspirations to bring about this alignment we are intending to restructure some of the clinical divisions.  The key changes will be:

  1. Merger of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services Division and Children, Women and Families Division
  2. Movement of Accident and Emergency into the Medical Division
  3. The development of a new Community Division

I am keen to see full engagement with key stakeholders on the detail behind these changes, therefore we intend to hold three stakeholder engagement sessions covering the areas above.  Dates will be circulated  shortly. It is recognised that there are still issues to resolve, particularly which services should sit in the Community Division.  I have attached a draft structure which will form the basis of our discussions at the stakeholder events.

We aim to have the new structure in place by 1 April 2015.

The Divisional Management Teams will be:

Surgery and Anaesthetics

Divisional Director - Julie O’Riordan; Assistant Divisional Director - Kristina Arnold; Associate Director of Nursing - Jackie Murphy (on a temporary basis)


Divisional Director – Ashwin Verma; Assistant Divisional Director – Sajid Azeb; Associate Director of Nursing - Lindsay Rudge

Children, Women & Families and Diagnostics and Therapeutic Services

Divisional Director – Martin DeBono; Assistant Divisional Director – Emma Livesley; Associate Director of Nursing – Anne-Marie Henshaw


To be appointed

I hope you will get involved in discussions to ensure we have a sustainable structure going forward.

Regards – Julie