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Issue 3 | 26th February 2015

News from our deputy CEO and Director of Nursing Julie Dawes

Dear Colleagues,  As you may be aware there have been a number of discussions taking place to consider whether our current management and divisional organisation of care is fit for purpose and aligned to the Trust’s strategic vision.  As part of our aspirations to bring about this alignment we are intending to restructure some of the clinical divisions. 
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Opening with Jacque Gerrard in orange

Former CHFT colleague - Jacque Gerrard opens new MAC Unit

One of the country’s leading midwives - and a former colleague of ours -  Jacque Gerrard came back for the opening of our new Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC) at Calderdale Royal Hospital. 
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Debbie Greenwood with patient Willie Lord

Hitting the right Nerve to improve patient safety

Trials of the new Nervecentre technology - aimed at improving patient safety -  are progressing well. CHFT Weekly went to see how the trials are going on Ward 4c at CRH and was met with an enthusiastic response.  The current focus for their use is on patient observations and handover modules. 
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Acre Mills up for top architecture award

Judges from the prestigious Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors are coming next week to look round Acre Mills. Our new outpatients centre - created in the shell of a former wire mill -  has been shortlisted for the property "Oscars" hosted by Channel 4 property guru Phil Spencer. 
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Check your Visiting Times

Can all wards and areas check our website to make sure their visiting times are up to date. Here's the page.  There has been a recent complaint this week from a family who arrived and was only allowed five mins at the bedside because the visiting times on our website were out of date.  read more

Jimmy Savile Feb 26 2015

This is the Trust's position following publication of today's national report.  read more

Red bags for franked mail at HRI

As from Monday (2nd March 2015), red A4 material bags will be issued to most wards and departments at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. These bags will be marked “Franked Mail Only” and the ward/department the bag is for. Internal mail will be collected as normal, no mail is to be left at the post room, and it must be handed to a member of the post team.  read more

Sandra's farewell after 46 years

Obstetric Theatre Nurse Sandra Lee had a special last day with colleagues. She started her nursing career as a Nursing Cadet in 1968 prior to starting nurse training at the then Royal Halifax Infirmary.  read more

Staff Survey 2014: Thankyou and here's the results

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who responded.  Here is a summary of our findings.  Some of the areas where we are among the best Trusts in the country include a 9% increase in the number of staff saying they have had an appraisal (91% compared to 82% in 2013); staff reporting of incidents; and people believing they have equal opportunity for career progression.  read more

Policies and work information

Mattress training

The Trust is implementing a new bed and new hybrid mattress. It has already been installed at HRI and we are currently getting staff at CRH trained and expect implementation to be 14th & 15th March.  We do need to get all ward staff trained to 70% otherwise implementation may need to be put back, which would be a shame.  read more

CHFT Events

NHS Change Day - March 11, 2105

On 11 March 2015, NHS Change Day will bring together the individual creativity, energy and innovative thinking of thousands of NHS staff from across clinical and non-clinical areas of work. It's a single day of collective action to improve care for patients, their families and their carers.  NHS employees are encouraged to pledge to make a small action that will make a difference.  read more

Talking babies with our CWF experts

Our first ever free event showcasing our teams and the range of innovative maternity care available at CHFT is on Saturday in the Learning centre at CRH (10-1.30 pm)  "Thinking of having a Baby" is open to all and our experts will be there to answer all questions in a discreet setting and there's also the chance to see a range of presentations.  read more

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