"Fantastic News" Kate Granger hails CHFT estates for their Hello My Name is... support.

Sarah McNamara, left, and Linda Hartley

Amazing Kate Granger has sent her personal thanks and congratulations to our estates and facilities teams for having her " Hello My name is....." campaign all sewn up!!. #hellomynameis


Our  teams (see photo)  now have their names embroidered on their tops to show their support for the campaign which is transforming the way healthcare is delivered for patients.


Dr Granger, 31, who was born in HRI has been diagnosed with cancer. She launched the campaign to promote introductions to improve communications between patients and hospital staff. 


Today, she told CHFT Weekly, "That's fantastic news about the uniforms!"


She said:  "When you are in hospital the domestics are some of people you see most often. It is fantastic to hear that they will be showing their support for #hellomynameis by having the logos embroidered into their uniforms at CHFT, hopefully as a reminder to make important connections with patients." 


Facilities manager, Jason Bushby, said: “Kate had commented on how good the teams of domestics and porters are when they are around patients and we thought it would be good to show our support to her. This campaign involves every single one of us at the Trust. We all want our patients and their families to speak well about the care they have received and introducing ourselves when you are close by really breaks the ice and puts people at ease.”  


Kate visited the Trust in May last year and talked about her experiences  to packed audiences at both our sites. In the early days following her diagnosis she felt let down when some NHS staff didn’t even share their names or explain properly about their roles.


Now she's on a mission to "rehumanise" hospital care right across the country, to find out more click here.


** It's working too!! Membership colleague Vanessa Henderson who needed  care in A&E and MAU and on Ward 11 at HRI  this week found that nearly all colleagues who attended her all introduced themselves with "Hello my name is....."  


She said: " I was so worried all day long and was cared for by so many different colleagues along the way. You can be thinking all sorts when you're lying on a bed waiting for news  but when someone comes in, smiles and introduces themselves you instantly feel as though you know them and they are doing everything they can for you."