Amazing effort achieves complete roll-out for Nervecentre technology

Ward 3 staff with Nervecentre technology

"This has been a massive culture shift... and we can all see the benefits for our patients."


The words of Heather McClelland as our Trust celebrates the 100% rollout of Nervecentre - the new handheld mobile, observations system.


It started as a pilot in January through to Easter and is now right across the Trust in all key areas (pending adjustments for paeds) and Heather, our Nurse Consultant,  has seen it through from the start.


And the colleagues most used to using mobiles are now its biggest fans!


Heather said: "I am really pleased with how it has gone. Like everything it is a massive culture shift for nursing staff and junior medical staff in terms of observations. They are totally patient-centred. Observations are no longer based around our traditional model or how we manage our day. It is all about the patient and means we can get help to them quickly if needed."


Our Trust was one of the first to adopt Nervecentre and replaces the old escalation system built around bleeps and mobiles with a far more efficient system. All results can be shared and seen more easily again producing better outcome for our patients.


Despite early nervousness, colleagues - especially those not used to mobiles - have grown in confidence.


Heather added: " It's been a real challenge and completely shifted how we do observations and how we share them. Now everybody now sees the benefit of it. They can see it makes sense for the patient."


CHFT Weekly visited Ward 3  HRI for their views.


Charge nurse, Alex Henderson, said: " Using this gives us the confidence that observations will be done thoroughly and in a timely manner."


Staff nurse, Jordanna Goodward, added: "It allows staff to rely on the fact that we will all, as a team, be up-to-date with observations and medical information."