"In the Mood" on Poppy Day and Ward 19/20 excelled at Putting the Patient First

Ward 19 & 20 colleagues with their poppies

Staff on ward 19/20 at HRI  went that extra mile to bring back the memories of yester year for their patients on Remembrance Sunday.


They staged a coffee morning and brought in homemade cakes and buns, put up bunting with poppies on it and Union Jack flags to make the day extra special and to recreate memories with a soundtrack from the era.


Lest We Forget was the theme of the day and the ward watched together the TV news covering the Queen leading the wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph.


The Ward 19/20 recently won the 'putting the patient first' category - an award for their engagement support workers contribution at Celebrating Success.


The care provided by the team has been so transformed in the past decade it was described as "unrecognisable" from the past 10 years. Engagement support workers - including teams of 6th form students from local schools and colleges -  support patients with online photo albums of photos of their lives and local landmarks.


Ward sister, Stephanie RIch said: "People work hard to make sure patients are safe and nurses go above and beyond. We need to celebrate all the hard work and effort everyone does within the Trust to make sure our patients are safe and get the best care, we are really proud of the care that is delivered on the ward and proud of our Trust."


She added: "One patient in particular has quite advanced dementia and doesn’t have any orientation to time or place. When the Queen came on the television and he was in the day room, he remembered the war and was quite emotional and cried. 


"His daughter held his hand, it was very emotional and heart-warming to see that although his dementia was so advanced he was aware it was Remembrance Sunday." 


For those patients who couldn’t make it to the day room, cakes and tea were served, and there were even left overs for others wards!