"Together we are bloody good.... don't forget it!"

They were the final words from Therapies Team leader Avril Henson at a packed buffet lunch to say farewell to community colleagues transferring to Locala.


In an emotional event, in the physio dept at HRI, Avril, said it was a time to celebrate all their achievements delivering patient care. With some colleagues in tears, she said:  “It is the end of an era and a big change and we did not want it to unmarked and un-noted.


“ We should be celebrating what we have done, what we are doing and what we do every day. Our professionalism is second to none. We know every day we do our best for our patients  – not just 100%. More than 100%. We also look after each other and support each other. That is our big strength within our smaller teams as well as our bigger teams And that will get us through the next spell.”


She said the only difference would be the colour of the uniforms and the badges!


She added: “We are all highly skilled and we are brilliant, strong, teams and that is what we need to keep doing. Together we are bloody good. Don’t forget it!”


Avril and colleagues Stephanie Drinkwater, Helen Chauhan, Dawn Czerepaniak were all presented with orchids and chocs as a thankyou from their teams for their support helping them to "stay strong and keep moving forward" through the transition time.


Head of Therapies, Nicola Sheehan, said: “Obviously the next weeks are a new beginning and I hope you see it as an opportunity. I want to say a big thank-you. Some of you have worked for CHFT for a long time and you have all made a valuable contribution to the care for our patients."