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Issue 30 | 3rd September 2015

Owen in the Sim suite

VIDEO Electronic Patient Records are coming soon.. here our CEO Owen Williams tells why it is important we are all on board

CHFT Weekly presents the second series of video messages from CEO Owen Williams.  He starts with a look forward to when we have converted to the EPR system and how we can all play a part in it.  Listen to Owen's take on IT support to deliver the very best compassionate care for CHFT patients. click here     , 
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David and the Maxillofacial Team

BMA book "Oscars" tonight! Good luck David Mitchell

Our consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon David Mitchell is heading to the BMA Book "Oscars" tonight in London.  Mr Mitchell has been associated with the Maxillofacial Team at HRI for more than 20 years and is one of the leaders in his field. 
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Correct coding will help our Trust

Hospital Standard Mortality Ratio (HSMR) rates - a concern for our Trust

At the moment our HSMR could be better.  Our clinical lead, Dr Alex Hamiliton, has led a review to look into our mortality rates to see how we can improve them but we need your help too, so here's some more information for colleagues. 
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Anne and her husband with the ICU team at HRI

You restarted my heart twice - and now I'm back to say thank you

   A woman whose heart stopped twice in intensive care (ICU) has been back to make a donation of more than £1,500 to our unit at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. 
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Theatres team at CRH

Pic - Theatres Action Week - starts Monday October 5

Briefings are underwayas we head towards our Theatres Action Week next month.  Colleagues from main theatres, day surgery, surgical wards and radiology have already attended.  The week is themed around SUPER and aimed at getting the very best service for our patients from our theatres.  read more

Big Brief 3 - Summary

More than 70 colleagues attended the latest Big Brief 3 sessions yesterday - and the presentation is ready to share with teams.  read more

Extinguisher training in action

Important Fire information- action required

   This year our Fire Safety training was delivered to colleagues using fire safety booklets. All colleagues need to tell us that they have read and understood the booklet by completing a fire safety declaration form through the intranet. Training figures are reported to Executive Board regularly, so they need to be as accurate as possible.  read more

Are you clear about your role in MCA/DOLS?

It's vital that all colleagues are aware of their responsibility around the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS).     The training and resources we've put in place should help colleagues understand their role in both.     Check it out on the   read more

CQC begins with ABC

We know that we will be inspected by the CQC next year, either in February or March - but how well prepared are you and your team?     The CQC will want to see that we're providing high quality care for patients and they will hold a mirror that reflects what all of us do.  read more

Viv Benbow- Browne

Pic - In Viv's memory. How our library staff lending their support

As the nights begin to draw in it is the perfect time to curl up with a good book so come on down and grab yourself a bargain.  The library is holding a book sale during the month of September, to raise funds for the Pancreatic Research Fund, in memory of Viv Benbow-Browne, senior library assistant, who sadly died of the condition in July 2013.  read more

Make a monster happy. Fight flu

I'm a Flu Fighter in 2015 because...

"The reason I am a flu fighter is to ensure not only are staff protected but also their families. As I ward manager I want to keep staff fit and well so able to work, but as a wife and mother I want to keep my family safe and well." says Ward Manager Ward 8ab Linda Denham.  read more

NHS Pensions

The NHS Business Authority has released two new videos about the 1995 Section and the 2008 Section.  These videos provide members with an overview of the features and benefits of each section and sign post to further information.  read more

Saying I do is easy!

Have you said "I do?" - Looking ahead to Transplant Week 2015

   "I do - nate" and "Let's Talk about it" are the new themes for Transplant Week 2015 and our team will be out and about promoting the new message asking people to consider their organ donation wishes and to sign up and tell their families.  In the Yorkshire and Humber area our team has an excellent reputation for the support it provides.  read more

Jane Greenwood, Chris Bentley, Karen Turkington, Charlie Crabtree, Val Bamforth, Vicki Bergin, Andrew Donegan, Jane Whittaker

Pic - Food Forum

Our catering team served up HRI patients' food menus at the Catering Forum held last Friday.  read more

Pic - Farewell to Leander

Leander Stones, the Trust’s former Membership officer and Bank worker has retired after 10 years at the Trust.  Friends and colleagues attended two farewell events  in the Learning Centre at HRI and at Bar 10 on the evening of Friday, 28 August 2015.  read more

CHFT Events

Pic - What are you taking home with you - is the theme for this year's Handwash Roadshow

What are you taking home today?  Did you know that most people’s hands are still not all that clean even after a good scrub?  Research shows that many areas of the hands are frequently missed, and  it’s the finger tips that are most frequently used, but forgotten when it comes to washing.  read more

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