VIDEO: Hola to Huddersfield

Silvia (right) with James Young and Angela Dysart

She's more than 2,000k from home and swapped Spain for CHFT.... and  nurse Silvia Argota is loving it!!  Here's her first impressions. 

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Trust News (TN) - How long have you worked for CHFT?

Silvia – I started work with the Trust in January this year and work on the coronary care unit at CRH.


TN – Tell us a little about your background

Silvia – I always wanted to be a nurse, but also to work abroad. In Spain it was almost impossible for me to find permanent work even after four years training. I was working on a temporary contact at a Spanish hospital in the A&E department last June when I made the decision to start applying for a job in the UK.


TN – why the UK?

Silvia – My close friend, who is also a nurse, came to work in London last October. I knew she loved it so that helped me make my mind up.


TN – How did you set about finding a job?

Silvia – There are a few specialist sites, and I sent my CV to quite a lot of them. I also registered with Medacs. It was quite easy really and I was really pleased to be offered a job at CHFT. I’d been to Manchester on an exchange trip so I knew I loved the area.


TN – And what’s different about working here to Spain?

Silvia – The most difficult thing for me was the language, even though I'd studied English. It also felt like I had to learn everything over again. In Spain students are left to just get on with it when they are training. It’s good really because I have had to show the Trust that I know what I am doing, so I’ve seen it as extra training.


TN – What’s the best thing about working at CHFT?

Take a look at Silvia's video  which tells us more - but it's based around the fabulous support she gets from her manager and team


TN – So what do you like to do in your spare time?

Silvia – I’m friendly with other Spanish nurses and we’ll often go to the cinema or out. I also love shopping and have been out and about to Leeds, Manchester, York and Chester