Well done Alice Elliott

Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer who provides support for patients with eye conditions at HRI has won a top national award.

Alice Elliott, based in Acre Mills has won the Macular Society’s Support and Community Rehabilitation Professional of the Year Award.

Alice, on an honorary contract with the Trust from Action for Blind People, supports adults and children and their families after a diagnosis and she advises on benefits and entitlements and school matters for younger patients. She receives up to 40 new referrals every month.

She said: " People react in many different ways to a diagnosis especially if it has come as a shock. Younger people of working age in particular are in need of support especially if they can't drive any more and driving is integral to their work. I can't wave a magic wand but I can help them feel they are not on their own and support them so they know there is help through the adjustments they are going to make. Where children are affected then it is about supporting the whole family."

She said you need (patience, empathy and persistence) to make a success of her role and was thrilled to have been nominated by consultant ophthalmologist Rehna Khan for the award - and even more stunned to be the overall winner. 

She will collect her award at the Macular Society Conference in London on  September 26.