Get LACE-d up and improve discharges

Our team from the left Mandy Brazier, Jayne Woodhead, Kim Scarlett, Gill Runkee, Gemma Kelly, Mandy Sellens, Sana Bari

Our virtual ward team is urging nurses to help make our discharge process smoother.

At the moment their records show that only about 40% of patients set for discharge are being recorded on the electronic LACE screening tool on PASWEB.

LACE stands for: Length of Stay; Acute Admissions; Co-morbidities; Emergency Attendances.

It is a two minute process to fill it in so the virtual ward team and community nurses have all the information they need to ensure discharged patients receive the best care in their homes and hopefully do not need to be readmitted.

The lead nurse in the virtual hub, Jayne Woodhead, said:"We are trying to boost take-up as this is crucial to thethe entire discharge process and gives our patients the  best continuing care from the CHFT point of view."

The team receive all the patients' names who are raedy for discharge so are aware when the LACE form does not arrive and this creates extra complications and slows down the process.

When correctly filled in it supplies information about equipment and medications a patient leaving us will require.

Jayne added: " After filling the discharge letter it is a simple click on the Save and Complete button and it means we get all the info we need. It is a small procedure which make s a huge difference."