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Issue 27 | 13th August 2015

Our team from the left Mandy Brazier, Jayne Woodhead, Kim Scarlett, Gill Runkee, Gemma Kelly, Mandy Sellens, Sana Bari

Get LACE-d up and improve discharges

Our virtual ward team is urging nurses to help make our discharge process smoother.  At the moment their records show that only about 40% of patients set for discharge are being recorded on the electronic LACE screening tool on PASWEB.  LACE stands for: Length of Stay; Acute Admissions; Co-morbidities; Emergency Attendances. 
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Alex Blagborough - catering ward host

Food Glorious Food....or is it?

   After the success of the homemade soups, our catering teams at HRI are now looking for further innovation to improve menus for our patients. 
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Cheaper drugs is one way forward

Getting behind Turnaround

By now you should be aware we have launched a series of projects with the dual aim of making us more efficient so we can see more patients and raise more income and get our finances back on track.  There's a whole raft of ideas underway and they will feature continuously in CHFT Weekly and should be appearing in all your own team updates. 
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CRH sisters

Sisters are doing it..... for better patient information

Final preparations are being made to introduce public-facing information boards onto wards in the coming weeks.     The boards will standardise the information we share with patients and their relatives across both sites. And they have been designed as a direct result of feedback from patients and will be updated regularly. 
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CC2H in Kirklees - three new staff sessions

As you will be aware, the Care Closer to Home contract in Kirklees was awarded to Locala  We know that colleagues are keen to understand more about what the Locala model looks like and their plans for community services in Kirklees.  Three information sessions have been arranged with Locala for all those staff who may be affected by this change.  read more

Most successful year yet for our Organ Donation team

In the past year our expert teams have ensured that more local people than ever have achieved their final wishes and become donors.  The Trust’s Transplant Specialist Nurse, Jayne Greenhalgh, said: “ 2014/15 is this Trust's best year to date for supporting families through the consent process and enabling their loved ones to become donors.  read more

Preventing CDiff - five cases so far

Our infection control (IC) teams are urging everyone to ensure they are aware of the key steps to prevent CDifficile.  read more

Sooo cute!!

Thank-you from Captain Underpants

Eight-year-old Toby Burgess - has become one of our youngstest SCBU fundraisers.  Tony, from  Clayton, Bradford  was born 10 & half weeks prematurely weighing 2lbs 15oz at Calderdale Royal Hospital and stayed with us for  7 weeks of his life in the Special Care Baby Unit. His parents said: " The care and support we received was amazing.  read more

Dementia care shortlisting

CHFT - as part of the Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance - has been selected as a finalist for the National Dementia Friends Awards 2015, in the category of: Best Dementia Friendly Community Initiative.   The KDAA have been selected as a finalist from over 300 applications.  read more

Non-patient visitors - all you need to know

Patient safety is paramount to our Trust. Our policy on non-patient visitors clearly outlines what to do if an individual or an organisation requests to visit our Trust, other than to visit patients.  read more

Facilities Manager, Jason Bushby with eco-friendly patient Allan Worlsey

Charging points for electric cars at Acre Mills

Four free-of-charge Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points are now up and running at Acre Mills.  Facilities Manager, Jason Busby said “The charge points have been installed in partnership with Kirklees Council and are already on the Charge Your Car network.  read more

Graham Smith

Medipex shortlisted. Well done Graham

CHFT’s reputation for innovation has received another boost with the news of a shortlisting in this year’s Medipex awards.  Graham Smith, a senior analyst with the Health Informatics Service, has developed a Microsoft Excel-based software to help with prescribing.  read more

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