Welcome to our first CHFT Weekly bulletin. This is a new e-newsletter to bring you updates of important developments at the Trust. After today, we plan to issue it every Thursday covering the news of the week and looking ahead to upcoming events.

This bulletin is not intended to replace Trust News  or other communications channels such as the Chief Executive’s e-mail, Executive Summary, the Line Managers' Bulletin or Team Briefing.

CHFT Weekly is aimed at enhancing our existing internal communications by keeping you well up-to-date with the news and up and coming events and signposting you to more detailed information about all developments at the Trust.

So if you have news from your team or information you want to share with the rest of the Trust then please send your info to CHFT@cht.nhs.uk or get in touch with the Communications team on 01484 355252/3/6.

We hope you find it useful, informative and entertaining.

The Communications Team