New Year, New...way to spend your 80th birthday money

A lovely Grandad has donated some money from his 80th birthday to Rainbow Child Development centre, where his granddaughter receives care.  

Mr Greenwood, who donated £250, said: ''Kind people gave me cash for my 80th birthday to donate to the Rainbow Child Development Centre, which is close to our hearts because of the wonderful treatment given to our Granddaughter, Evie-Jean.''

Louise Riby, said: " It is a very much welcomed donation. We can't believe someone would be so selfless to sacrifice their birthday funds for the patients and service. We thank his family and himself for this donation."

Pictured l-r are : Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Thyiagesh, Child Development Assistant, Anna Hellawell, Mr Greenwood, Mr Greenwood's daughter, Helen Beaumont and Rainbow CDC receptionist, Julie Shaw.