New Year, New...award! Sana's Student of the Season

Our communications student Sana has won one of just three Student Placement of the Season awards from Huddersfield University.

She joined us back in August and immediately made an impact in our team with her enthusiasm, ideas and ability.

So we were delighted to find out she's scooped a top award out of the Business School's 150 students on placement.

She said: "I didn't even know this was an award until Caroline asked me about it... and then to win it was fab!

"Before starting placement, I was dreading not being good enough but I guess I've exceeded expectations. I'm thankful to Caroline and Jacqui for their continuing support."

Many of you will already know her if you've featured in our 2019 Christmas Countdown. She's been turning up with her crackers, tinsel and a cheery smile (and strict photo instructions) and worked up a fab series of screensavers.

And she was in action with Comms' Jacqui Booth recruiting her successor for next year at the recent Placement Fair at the University. 

Huddersfield University told her, after receiving a nomination from Comms, " You should be very proud of yourself and the feedback from Communcations at CHFT is fantastic. You are a great ambassador of the Business School and the University of Huddersfield. Please keep up the hard work! Congratulations again for winning this award!"

 Congratulations again for winning this award!