New Year, Let's kick-off 2020 with Funball!

It's a New Year and a new decade - and the launch of our New Year, New me!

The start of the year is when we tend to start thinking about our health and wellbeing and there's plenty to support your efforts here at CHFT . 

So, we're looking for colleagues interested in joining a new ladies Funball club, which is being organised by three CHFT colleagues who are also Football Association (FA) coaches outside of work.

Senior Finance Manager, Paula Crowther (left) and Systems Development Accountant, Sarah Laherty (right) - will be joined by Georgia Lane - daughter of district nurse matron Caroline Lane to run the club. 

Paula - a member of the West Riding FA, told us: "I love coaching my under 7's girls team - The Pontefract Wildcats. It doesn't matter what age or ability you are, or whether you know the rules or not - it's just about having a bit of "me" time and some fun. And for many, that one hour per week will build in some fitness too.

"I've talked to the West Riding FA and they are willing to help fund the club, and I'm meeting with Huddersfield Town soon to see how they can support our new club and what options might be available for men at CHFT too.

"Kicking a football around isn't just for men as the Lionesses showed in last year's FIFA Women's World Cup - so come along and join us? Try something new and fun, you will soon be hooked!”

The club will meet on Wednesdays after work for an hour - all the arrangements will be shared once we know how many are interested. Please contact Paula by email or phone with your contact information if you'd like to know more: or phone 07917 086 383.


What else is happening as part of New Year, new me? 

There will be a host of activities added to the intranet pages. Here is a brief overview of some of what's going on - with more to be added throughout the month:

  • Exercise: Fitness Fusion is back at HRI - with next week's initial class on Tuesday being free for first timers. After this it's £5 per session.
  • Smoking: As part of our move to be completely smoke free at CHFT by this spring, we'll be offering advice, market place events and carbon monoxide testing - more on that next week
  • Drinking: It's also Dry January this month - find our more about the benefits of reduced alcohol intake, plus loads of other hints and tips here.
  • Exercise: New 20 minute weekly walks at CRH. They start next Weds 8th Jan at 12.15 from the main entrance. If you're interested in setting up a walking group at HRI (or if you already run one), please get in touch with Christine Bouckley as more people may want to get involved -
  • Mindfulness: We have a full programme of Mindfulness courses for 2020 and our next Schwartz Round is on Friday 24th January. Lunch is provided at 12 midday and the Round starts at 12.30 for an hour. (see attached for all the 2020 sessions)
  • Keeping fit and healthy: One-stop shop advice sessions will be organised for our agile workers in community, with support and advice on carrying all their equipment and help prevent musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders
  • Being nice to others: We'll be collecting for the homeless during January and February - take a look at the intranet page

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